Kids Asylum

Freedom-to-create zone for kids of all ages capturing the value and joy of innocence of preferred expectation and conformity. Paint your reflection in the mirror, paint dinosaurs on daffodils, make insect hotels and plant trees, rainbow catching and shadow chasing, cherish nature and love human diversity.

A safe place where children can experience themselves and their environment through Art and Nature, and the creative freedom of innocence in a troubling world.

Our young guests are invited to share their creative space with top class Art installations in collaboration with artist Dominik Lejman, the first guest artist of the new Madnicity Pavilion during this year’s Venice Biennale. We believe that their voice is equally important and needs to be heard.


Isola di San Servolo, which used to be the place of isolation and compression of mental health, will become our asylum without walls, celebrating freedom and children’s innocence as a positive, creative “madness”. The Kids Asylum is one of 12 installations and actions of the Madnicity Pavilion by Dominik Lejman in a collaboration with Richard Hallward, Bianca O’Brien and Mario Caeiro.

The pavilion, set in the walls and grounds of the former psychiatric hospital on the island, directly in from Giardini Biennale, includes an art exhibition L U N A T I C S plus a one-day symposium THE MAGIC OF MADNESS, and the KIDS ASYLUM, all dedicated to a fully understanding of madness as a natural mental diversity spectrum, highlighting the loops and links between art, magic, dreams and madness in history, and questions about our relationship with mental diversity and all diversity, is it artificial or real?


  • Participation in live performance by Leon Dziemaszkiewicz
  • Exhibition tour with the artist – Dominik Lejman
  • Woodworking – building insect Metamorphosis hotels
  • Gardening
  • Painting on mirrors
  • And on yourself 😉
  • Kaleidoscopes DIY
  • Rainbow catching
  • Shadow tracing


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